If you’re not familiar with, now would be a very good time to pay her a visit.  She is the genius behind the baketogether projects.  Each month she posts a recipe.  Anyone who desires can bake it, post results, modify it, post more results.  It’s always enlightening how many people can prepare the exact same recipe and achieve results which look quite different one from the other.  And when the variations take off, even more learning kicks in.

Here are photos of my latest variation on her Peasant Boule, the January baketogether event.  To Abby’s basic recipe, I added a teaspoon each of fresh, minced rosemary and thyme; the zest of 1 Meyer lemon; and about 4 ounces of Fontina cheese, 1/4″ dice.  If I don’t find a home for part of it, I’m quite certain I will eat the entire loaf all by myself.  Today.  Good thing it’s snowing like mad today.  I’ve got some shoveling to do.


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  1. I would like to think I am one of Abby’s biggest fans and certainly a cheerleader for #baketogether because I love how we all do something same yet different and share it. Except that I am so behind the curve…I best get mine done soon huh? 🙂

    LOVE the addition of the herbs and cheese; now I have about 10 varieties I feel I must make…I best get to it!

  2. Thats beautiful, I wasn’t sure what the baketogether project was. I must look for her posts.

    • Oh, you’d love it, Suzanne! Go to, and you’ll see the story of the recipe, photos, and then the recipe, followed by peoples’ photos and comments. Do it!

      • Suzanne, have you had a chance to take a look at the current #baketogether Peasant Boule recipe? It’s right up your, so to speak, alley. Take a look at I swear you will love this!

  3. abby dodge says:

    My only sadness is that these photos don’t offer scratch n sniff – Beautiful!!

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