Parsley having a sun bath

Ok, I’m blowing my cover.  I’m not totally solitary.  But I am the only one I actually cook for most days.  My first dog was allergic to so many things (grass among them, yes seriously) that I had to make her dog food.  She ultimately died of pancreatitis brought on by her love of garbage.  Literally – straight out of the can.   But she had her standards.  She never touched the cans of our neighbors to the north, but looooooved that of those to the south.  Kim was Italian.  Need I say more?  And polite?  She, the dog that is, was tall and graceful enough that she could stand up, paws on the edge of the can, and pick out just the morsels she wanted.  All the animals I have now can eat foods appropriate to them, though I share apples, carrots, and vegetable trimmings with the rabbits.  But that’s another story.

The dog’s conoisseurship may have had social implications as well.  The north neighbors tended to argue in direct proportion to the amount of alcohol they’d lubricated themselves with.  Those on the other side had children who were friends with ours.  And I believe I mentioned that Kim was a great Italian cook.

But I digress.  This is about cats.  Mine.  The lowest shelf on the rolling cart at the end of my work table sits directly in the path of winter’s morning sun.  No matter what (no matter what) I put on that shelf, a cat would find a way to lay down in or on it.  I finally declared victory – theirs.  I keep kitchen towels on it.  They’re soft, I don’t wind up with cat hair in the bowls any more.  And I don’t have cat hair in the towels because . . . I cover them with two other towels!  They’ve been sacrificed for the greater good of the “good” towels.  I love fleeting moments of brilliance.

Wally working on his tan


About thesolitarycook

I'm a chef, a cook, a teacher, a reader, a writer, a bike-rider, a dog- and cat-woman
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6 Responses to THE COOK’S CATS

  1. Bevi says:

    Ahhhhh – a cook and her cats, or any pet! Our orange cat boy, now 18, is on a high protein diet and loves tuna fish packed in oil as well as the water straight out of the humidifier.

    • Parsley’s favorite water vessel is (a) the kitchen sink, or (b) whatever I happen to be drinking it from. Wally, the old guy, is going on 15. Doing fine, but as our favorite vet would say, getting ready to be old.

  2. Pat says:

    Love this! Our dog Jake has learned how to open the cupboard under the sink, pull out the small trash can and help himself. If we leave,or before bed, we have to put a lock on the door! And our 30 pound cat ,who we lost a few years ago at age 17, would find all kinds of places to rest (I always had to check the dryer before I turned it on!(another story!!!)

    • I’ve found cats in the kitchen cupboards when I leave them open as I’m emptying the diswasher. I have to bungee the cupboard under the sink, too! Otherwise, if I’m late home, and therefore late for feeding time at what my sister refers to as my petting zoo, she’ll pull it open. If I’m REALLY late, she’ll turn over one of the garbage cans. She’s especially pleased when one of them has a few days of birdseed leavings in it. That gets my attention immediately, and makes me instantly contrite for being so tardy in my essential duties.

  3. I just love this, C. Totally, totally love this. I’m sadly allergic to cats, but love them from a distance. They have such distinct personalities and I’m still smiling.

    • To be honest, I probably have some great degree of feline and canine allergy, too. I sneeze all day every day, and simply have chosen not to know completely why. I smile through the sneezes ;0)

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