If you’re in the neighborhood of Billings, Montana, visit the website for The Copper Colander and take a look at the newly-posted schedule of cooking classes.  Click on the link to the store in the Blogroll below.

Information Friday is going to have to wait a day.  I have a catering job this evening, and that’s about all the information I can handle at the moment.  I hope it will be worth the wait.


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I'm a chef, a cook, a teacher, a reader, a writer, a bike-rider, a dog- and cat-woman
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  1. Bevi says:

    Congrats on your WFM win!

  2. lapadia says:

    Well, I’ll just hop on over to the Copper Colander website, Cheers to your Friday evening! BTW – just commented – Congrats over at your WFM sandwich win 🙂

  3. Greg says:

    Will they ever have a cheese making class? We would be interested if they do.


  4. Greg says:

    Tomorrow is bad, the rest of the year is open

  5. Greg says:

    I’ll try to get Leslyn up by then, you know those retired people. Sounds ok to me

  6. ldpw says:

    I didn’t know you could make your own cheese! I am learning so much. I always appreciate a good cheese maker (I really hope that’s the right term).

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