One of the lovely Irish ladies I met the other day, Móna Wise, posted a recipe this morning for potato cakes made from leftover mashed potatoes.  Leftovers.  One of my favorite words.  Whenever I make any kind of rice, or beans, or potatoes of any color, I always make more than I alone will need for a meal because the possibilities of reincarnation into another meal are almost richer than the original meal.  I just happened to have some leftover mashed potatoes from last night’s Whiskey-Braised Vegetable Paquets.  I’d even dumped the last of the mushroom reduction into the container along with the potatoes; this was some valuable stuff.

I must confess I’ve never made potato cakes the way Móna’s mother did.  I usually just add an egg or two, some flour, salt and pepper, stir it all up and hope for the best.  The best tends not to happen.  Mine are often too wet, so they spread out more like pan cakes, which would be fine if I wanted pancakes, but I don’t.  And they burn.  Mona learned to add just one egg and a healthy amount of flour such that a veritable dough results.  A dough that she actually rolls out as if for biscuits only not, and cuts with a pretty fluted cutter.  So I tried it.  It worked!

While the potato cake was cooking, I poached an egg in some salted water.  The cake was crispy and the egg tender.  I forgot to add scallions to the cake “dough”, so I scattered them over the top.  I am so happy.  I’m envisioning a whole new dimension to potatoes and their leftovers.

Thank you, Móna.  Friends, please visit her blog, wisewords, and read the lovely St. Patrick’s Day story as well as her recipe in her very own wise words.


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  1. ldpw says:

    I usually like potatoes of any kind better the next day. I am really excited to try these, thank you and Mona Wise for sharing.

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