You know you want to.   I know you’re thinking about it.  Spots remain for baking on-site with me and for baking wherever in the world – literally – you happen to find yourself.  K. is joining us from Australia (I confess to some long-distance arm-twisting here), and Dr. M. from Afghanistan.  S. and the pugs are baking in Brooklyn, R. in Colorado (at significant altitude), and H. from Blue Kale Road.  What are you waiting for?  Let me know the dates you’re interested in, and I’ll be sure recipes get to you well in advance.

April 28:  Sweet & Savory Quick Breads, Sweet & Savory Muffins

May 12:  Scones, Sweet and Savory

May 19:  Belle Foley’s Chocolate Cake (read about it here and here)

June 9:  Pizza

June 16:  Chiffon cake

June 23:  Pasta

Sign up for any, sign up for all.  And by all means, tell your friends!

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I'm a chef, a cook, a teacher, a reader, a writer, a bike-rider, a dog- and cat-woman
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  1. Can I change a date, keeping April 28th and changing to June 16 for the chiffon cake?

  2. Where” do we sign up for the dates we are interested in. I called Cooper Colander and they had No idea what I was talking about.

  3. It looks like my calendar for Diva-ness is OPEN for 4/28 – if you still need a LD Diva to make / test muffins or quick bread. Atlanta GA is happy to help out!


  4. I am interested in May12,19 Jun,e 9,16, 23 where do I send a check or cc # ?

  5. Looks like my calendar is open for Diva-ness on 4/28 – if you still need some helpers. Happy to assist from Atlanta, GA for muffins or quick breads – just let me know if still needed. Thanks!


  6. Karen Rush says:

    I’m on for all of them. Spoke to my daughter and she is also on for all. I’ll email you her contact details. Her face lit up when I told her you lived in Montana – said she has always wanted to travel there. Can you send me your email address? She is going to talk to her baking friends.

  7. Heidi says:

    A little slow on the bandwagon here. I would love to help test, but I wonder how firm the dates are for remote. Can I do it plus or minus a day? I have graduations and weddings up the wazzu this late spring.

  8. Will you be giving us the recipe ahead of time so we can shop, in case we don’t have all the ingredients? Just wondering.

  9. I didn’t get a recipie sent to me for sat. does that mean . I’m Not on the list? Or you forgot?or you just haven’t had time. That I could imagine, it’s been a hectic week for you. And 10am is what you said, the last time you talked about it in class. I guess you will let me know. I am Finally getting the hang of this blogging…. sorry if I’m a bit slow to grasp new tech ideas. I feel like such a dinosaur. I’m oldschool straight across the board…:)

  10. Kara Rindels says:

    Please sign me up for the May 19th class and do we pay you then or how do we get money to you.

  11. Bevi says:

    I just saw this. I think I can test every week except June 23.

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