Being a solitary cook, I had several shrimp left over from the Cambodian-Style Spring Rolls, along with some dipping sauce.  Perfect salad ingredients.

I finely shredded some beautiful red cabbage and diced up some cucumber,   scallions, and cilantro.  I cut the shrimp in half across the middle, and thinned out the dipping sauce with some sesame oil and juice of half a lime.  I sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds over the top, then tossed it all together.  Save for the price of the cabbage, it was almost free because of everything being leftover and therefore on hand.  It was perfectly beautiful.  And delicious.


About thesolitarycook

I'm a chef, a cook, a teacher, a reader, a writer, a bike-rider, a dog- and cat-woman
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4 Responses to LEFTOVER SALAD

  1. A beautiful and delicious way to re purpose food. love it! I have leftover salmon maybe I’ll try this I really love red cabbage

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