I have no recipe to post for today.  Yet.  I’ll have to eat dinner, and given the pace at which this week is going, it will be one pulled out of a hat.

I spent Saturday and Sunday preparing for a fund-raising dinner event in which I was asked to participate along with a few other local chefs.  The company was pretty elite, so to have been asked to develop a dessert was a shade intimidating.  The event went down Monday evening.  Not only was it not a Meatless Monday for me, had it not been for my kind friend, Vegetable Woman, it would also have been a Foodless Monday.  She showed up in the afternoon with a live-saving sandwich strapped around her neck St. Bernard-style.  No, she didn’t, but I’m sure you get the general effect.

The evening involved plates.  Lots and lots of plates.







Chefs, of course.

Pots and pans.

Quail.  Many tiny quail.






More chefs.




And food, glorious food.

Today, which I believe is Tuesday, I need to take off and set up for a huge food show where I’m working tomorrow.  All day tomorrow.  After which I anticipate having a good range of interesting foods to talk about.

Gotta run.  I’ll see you at dinner.  The beat goes on.


About thesolitarycook

I'm a chef, a cook, a teacher, a reader, a writer, a bike-rider, a dog- and cat-woman
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3 Responses to AND THE BEAT GOES ON

  1. emgrossi says:

    You are a champ, cyn!! Go you! Hope all goes well and then you can rest.

  2. ldpw says:

    Some people run marathons. You do this. Wowza.

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