We had a bit of a hiccup here last weekend.  I only had 2 people signed up for local on-site testing, and one had emailed  ( to say that she wouldn’t be able to be there.  I called the other and we both agreed that a single test wouldn’t be especially valuable for either of us, so we agreed to postpone the test for another day.  Summer gets busy right about now, with graduations rippling through weekends.

Unfortunately, seven (seven!) people arrived at the Copper Colander ready to strap on aprons and get to work.  Doubly unfortunately, I had no idea that any of them was coming.  Friends, I must stress that if you want to participate in local on-site testing on a designated day, you must please so inform me at  Even if I had been at the store with the one or two people signed up, I would not remotely have had enough equipment or supplies for 8 or 9 people.  The store graciously allows me to use its kitchen and ovens, but I transport all my own equipment and supplies for use in testing, and I bring enough for those signed up.  As well, the lovely staff all have jobs to do there, and scheduling my recipe testing is not one of them.  All correspondence regarding recipe testing must take place through  I apologize deeply to those of you who made the trip last weekend, but please understand why I need to know in advance that you plan to be there.

That said, both local and long-distance testing are going swimmingly.  I’ve learned much from both groups, and am especially grateful for photos that many have sent.  I’ll be posting updates thereto this weekend.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on sending out recipes to the long-distance people.  I show that I owe recipes for Scones, Sweet and Savory to Karen, Jeffie, Heidi, and Suzanne.  If anyone else would like to participate in that test, please let me know via email to

I am going to postpone the test for Belle Foley’s Chocolate Cake until later in the summer.  The next recipe test, both local and long-distance, will be Pizza, On the Grill and In the Oven, and it will take place Saturday, June 9.  The local testers I have down are June, Maryjane, Rebecca, and Karen.  Long-distance testers so far are Karen and Jeffie.  Additional people are welcome, welcome, welcome.  Just please let me know to add you to one list or the other:

Thank you, all!

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