Remember the crème fraîche ice cream of a few days ago?  Well, this morning it was already so hot very early that coffee just didn’t taste good, and I had some left over.  That is extremely rare for me.  Rather than waste it, I added a little honey to it and set it aside to cool.


Makes 4 bars

It’s time to for Mickey Mouse to grow up.  If you don’t have a Mickey Mouse mold, a standard one will do, it just won’t be quite as much fun.

If your ice cream is rock hard (mine was because I’d had it in the Big Freezer), let it sit at room temperature until you can easily scoop it.

8 ounces crème fraîche ice cream

4 ounces strong coffee with 1 ounce honey added, then cooled

  1. Measure the coffee and honey in a liquid measuring cup.  Scoop the ice cream (yes, you may substitute vanilla) right in on top of it, pressing it with the back of the scoop if necessary to pack it in.  It’s sort of like measuring shortening.  Very sort of.  Stop when you reach a total of 13 ounces.
  2. Use a tablespoon (from the table, not a measuring spoon) to gently fold the coffee and ice cream together.  Work quickly.  You don’t want the ice cream to melt a lot.  You’re not going for a smooth mixture here – some dramatic, dark streaks of coffee should remain.
  3. Spoon the mixture into the molds by placing one spoonful in each mold, then coming back around with another until you’ve filled them all.  This will prevent the loose coffee from winding up on either the tip or the bottom of the bars, where it would be icy.  If there is any left in the measuring cup when you’re done distributing it among the molds, sip it!
  4. Insert the sticks/handles, and set the mold in the freezer.  Depending on how cold your freezer is, within a couple of hours, you should be tasting something delightfully chilled and deeply flavored.  Be gentle with Mickey’s feet.

One of the Mickeys lost a leg over the years


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  1. Heidi says:

    Mickey gets wired! Can you speak to your choice of honey for the sweetener? I am interested.

    • Oh, good question. It wants to be one that is not too strongly flavored. Save the good stuff for applications where its flavor makes a difference. I used honey rather than sugar because it has a deeper flavor; you just don’t want it too deep or you risk it taking over the flavor profile, even in a small amount.

      • Heidi says:

        Thanks! I have friends who drink coffee with honey regardless and that I do not understand but this I do.

      • Sometimes sugar’s sweetness is too “shallow” if you will. Some form of additional sugar is necessary to prevent the coffee from freezing too firmly. Honey has twice the sweetening effect of sugar, so with less of it, a deeper flavor pertains. I like honey in coffee sometimes, but sometimes it’s just too overpowering, especially if one likes really good coffee. I don’t believe honey is better across the board, in other words. Gosh, I miss you!

  2. Didn’t get any more sleep overnight so feeling like a truck ran over me. Turned on the computer to get working at my day job and there you are. I read and looked and laughed while marveling at the great photos and thinking what family experiences and times must be tied up with your Mickey Mouse molds. Your spunky humor and generous sharing in small delightful doses has my computer alerting me every time you add an entry. My day is now OK because I know somewhere in the northern hemisphere in the clear air state of Montana your lively intelligence is on the loose. God bless the internet and your blog!

    • It’s always a good reminder for the that you are in the throes of winter there. Good because it reminds me that, regardless of how hot each day is here, it won’t last. The rain and snow will come. Just a question of when. I hope you sleep better tonight!

  3. I LOVE your molds, I need to find those. The bars with the creme fraiche ice cream sound amazing.

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