A few days ago I gushed about turnovers as written about by The Wimpy Vegetarian.  Being a solitary cook, I had a couple left over, so I wrapped them well and froze them.  I got home late last night after teaching a fantastic and energetic class to a group of marvelous ladies, way too tired to even contemplate dinner.  But I knew I had some treasures in the freezer.   I moved one of the tarts to the refrigerator in anticipation of a good breakfast.  It turned out to be a great breakfast.

Yes, friends, I do use a microwave.  But baked goods require a gentle touch when reheating in one.  They don’t contain much in the way of moisture, so will dry out easily and quickly.  That would be a terrible fate for such a delicate and wonderful creation as these tarts.  I set one on a plate, then dampened a paper towel with water.  I draped the damp towel over the tart, and set the time for 2 minutes and the power to 4, or 40%.  After the timer went off, I let the tart sit in the microwave while I poached an egg.

When the egg was just right, I removed the plate from the microwave, discarded the paper towel, and nestled the egg atop the tart.  With a cup of coffee and a good book on my cool, shady front porch, the combination more than compensated for going without dinner.


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  1. The freezer and I are best friends! I love making extras and keeping them on hand for busy/tired times.

  2. Karen Rush says:

    Being a renowned non- baker (I know … a rare weird being), I am at the bottom of the learning curve in this area of cooking. This has answered some questions I had. For example, I have an 88 year old, now blind, feisty mother who fiercely hangs on to living alone. I cook all her meals which she later heats in the microwave. No more soggy savory pastry items for her. I have to say I love the look of your breakfast. Yum.

  3. Oh my, this is a PERFECT brunch dish. Especially since the little turnovers can be frozen. Perfect!!!! I have got to make these. Now! I’m so happy my sweet turnovers inspired such a wonderful savory dish!

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