I posted last night that I had quite literally just hung up from speaking with my friends the bison ranchers.  Seconds before, I’d heard on the late evening news, which I rarely listen to because news in general tends to make me yell at the television which upsets the dogs no end – sorry, I digress –  that Shane Creek Road (south of Columbus) was under evacuation from a wild fire.  When she answered the phone, which I sort of can’t believe she did, she said it was true; when I asked where they will go, she responded, “I have no idea.”  Not a good sign from a retired neuroscientist  and pathologist whose development of the ranch has been thought out to every last detail including FIRE, the ever-present possibility of which prompted them to dig and fill a pond for crying out loud.  She said they can see the fire’s glow coming over the ridge, and that she doesn’t know what to do about the bison.  Not to mention the horses.  The chickens.  What to do?  Open, gates?  Cross fingers?

When I checked the newspaper first thing this morning, though, it was reported that news of evacuations last night was not correct.  Pre-evacuation notices had gone out, but no actual evacuations had been required.  The bad news is that the fire grew overnight, has spread into the neighboring county, and is 0% contained.

My hope is that the light of day will give residents in the areas near the fire a chance to make some better plans than those which can usually be made in the heat of the, no pun intended, moment.  If you’ve got some spare fingers, please cross them.


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7 Responses to RELIEF . . . FOR THE MOMENT

  1. It feels so inadequate but fingers are crossed!

  2. Problem with doing that is that you need someone to look after your animals at home. We were caught in fires and lost 500 homes around us (lord knows how we survived) 9 years ago… and this was the nation’s capital! I know the smell of bush fire smoke and my heart races when I step out and it hits my nostrils. It is so bad in this city now that when our volunteer fire brigades burn off undergrowth as a fire season precaution, the radio stations, TV and print media put out constant alerts letting us know what is going on otherwise we all panic. I worry for your friends and I worry deeply also for their wonderful animals you have been introducing us to. This is a scary time for you all. Our fingers are cross and our hearts are with you all. Mary is so right when she says Ït feels so inadequate but fingers are crossed!”.

  3. How terrible, what can anyone do in a situation like that except flee and hope for the best. I am so worried about all the animals also, what can they do for them. Horrible, and I pray for their safety both your friends and their beautiful animals.

  4. Hannah says:

    Oh Cynthia, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends and all who are within range of this fire. We had friends in Colorado who were packed and ready to evacuate with the fires there and I felt so helpless waiting…fingers and toes crossed for you.

    • It’s been quite a fiery summer. The daughter lives in Boulder, where a fire started one ridge over from the city. My cousin and her family were evacuated from Colorado Springs, and happily their house was standing when they returned. Thank you, Hannah; I’ll keep you posted.

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