I spoke a little while ago with another friend who lives out sort of near the bison ranch, though over a river and across a valley.  The fire isn’t as near the ranch as it sounded last night, though I imagine the glow in the night sky was a bit daunting.   The threatened area under evacuation notice is actually quite different from where it was reported to be on last night’s news.

That was a relief to hear.  However, that is not to say that other areas, structures, livestock, and people are not in danger.  Note to newcasters:  if you’re going to scare us, please at least scare us accurately.   With my bison supply safe, I think I’ll resume my practice of not watching the news.

I can see a substantial amount of smoke off to the southwest of where I am.  I’ve heard bombers and helicopters making frequent runs in that general direction.   Later this afternoon I hope to be able to get some photos to post.  In the meantime, thank you sweet people for your kind wishes.  Keep them handy; others will need them.


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10 Responses to FIRE UPDATE

  1. Pat says:

    So glad your friends’ ranch is safe for now. Will keep praying for an end to the madness.

    • Thank you, Pat. What a summer. On a happy note, the son met with his girlfriend’s parents today to formally ask their permission to ask her to marry him. I’m one step closer to becoming mother in law to a lovely, wonderful young woman!

      • Pat says:

        Congratulations! Both of our sons-in law did exactly that before asking our daughters to marry them. I thought it was so touching and thoughtful. And now you’re on to wedding plans! What a wonderful time this will be for you! ( Now if only our son would find the right young woman, I’d be totally blessed)

      • It gets better! He and her parents have a wonderful day planned tomorrow. It’s her birthday, so they’re all going out to lunch at their favorite Mexican restaurant, then back to her parent’s house for dessert and to open presents. That’s when he’ll propose. I’m having trouble not tearing up just writing this. I’m so proud of him!

  2. Karen Rush says:

    Phew! What a relief! Bison, horses, dogs, cats, their owners and the wildlife have a reprieve. Wonderful update on your almost mother-in-law status – the photo shows that they are a beautiful couple. It is perfect that you love her so dearly. Life in full color. No drab grey.

  3. Thats really good news, holding the happy dance until the fires are brought under control. Don’t you hate it when they are inaccurate with the news. Still praying for those that are in harms way but very glad that the bison ranch is not in imminent danger. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding, hmmm… I think I know who will be making the wedding cake.

  4. Sharon Knoll says:

    So happy for your son’s engagement and for you having an expanded family! The best part of my daughter’s recent wedding (which was wonderful and generous and loving and fun and beautiful and I cried and cried – which I did not expect to do) was the morning after I answered the phone and my son-in-law said “Hi, Mom!” Made me cry again!

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