DSCN2792The wedding was beautiful.  I’d say I’ve never been more proud of my son, but that may be inaccurate; suffice it to say that he was the happiest person alive, which will continue to lend me a warm glow and gentle smile  for some time to come.

His sister and I helped them get their laundry done and bags packed while friendsDSCN2880 and relatives arrived to decorate their car with the requisite Just Married art and tin cans.  They left late in the afternoon to drive to Sacramento from where they caught a plane to Hawaii this morning.  They even upgraded their seats to first class!

The daughter and I needed to escape a too quiet house last evening, so we went into downtown Reno and strolled along the River Walk, which I always enjoy DSCN2888visiting whenever I am here.  Familiar as it is to both of us, we nonetheless felt a little lost, as though our bearings had shifted and we weren’t sure of the new heading.

We had a lovely dinner at a spot the son had recommended.  Our table overlooked the river, our DSCN2893server was so gracious when we each kept going all teary, and the food as good and as abundant as the son had said it would be.  Still, lovely as everything was, something was indefinably missing.  Absent.  Gone.

We lingered until long after dark, when we could wend our way back along the river, then back to a house that was not ours, and safely head for bed.


Sleep eluded both of us, such that it was a relief when daylight came and we could get up and get busy.  We washed linens and remade beds, folded towels, swept and mopped the kitchen floor after our cake-making adventures.  We watered plants, closed and locked windows, and cleaned out the refrigerator of anything perishable.  We packed our bags and called a cab.  It’s time to go home.


And we left a light burning for them.

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17 Responses to IT’S TIME TO GO HOME

  1. Oh Cynthia … so beautifully, poignantly said. I have tears in my eyes. My heart aches.

  2. Heidi says:

    I love the first photo…showing the reaction of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Okay, where is the cake photo!?

  3. Kdub says:

    Nope, it will never be the same but guess what? It will be better. Now you have two daughters and if you are very lucky someday another child or two may come into your life! But, lol, let them get home from the honeymoon first.

  4. Kris Carpenter says:

    Beautiful! …and so touching.

  5. What a beautiful post, and I love the first photo with the pure joy and celebration that glows from it. Change can be bittersweet. But I have the sense that this union will bring so much new love into you and your family. Safe travels to you and the daughter as you travel back to your homes.

  6. Hannah says:

    I have tears in my eyes, Cynthia. I’m so happy for you and understand your emotions. I’m sending my oldest son off to college next month and I know we have exciting times ahead. I also recognize the significant change in our family and so I’m up and down all the time. Sending you big hugs and congratulations! And I can’t wait to see the cake you created. I, too, love that first photo. 🙂

    • The daughter and I remarked that his marriage left us both feeling very much like his departure for college had – wonderful and marvelous, but irreversibly changed in a bittersweet way at the same time. Thank you for you kind thoughts; you’ll get through your son’s departure, so will he, and you’ll have great stories to tell each other.

    • Hannah,

      I’ve been thinking of you these days, wondering if your son has left for college yet. How are you doing?

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