Birds appear to know intrinsically when it is time to move on. To go south for winter, north for summer. Come October and November, we see ribbons of geese veeing on their way, with the chatter of children in the backseat of a station wagon. I expect within a month or so, here in my corner of the Northern Rockies, we’ll see – and hear – them returning to spend their summer with us.

Summer. There’s an optimistic thought in the waning, cold days of January.

Follow me!

Wait for me!

Are we there yet?

We’ll all get there.

Speaking of optimism, time has come for The Solitary Cook and my tribe of animals to migrate as well. From now on, you can find me at Medium.com, where you’ll find me as, quelle surprise, The Solitary Cook. You can find my first couple of posts here and here.

I am grateful to all of you who have followed and read and encouraged me since I joined and, hands trembling, put up my first post five years ago. Your kind patience has helped me grow as a writer, as a cook, and as a storyteller. I am deeply indebted to you all.

If you have questions or comments about any recipe here, please by all means post them, as I will continue to receive notifications of them, and will gladly respond.

Medium.com is site full of fine writing on practically any subject you can name. It is absolutely free and easy to browse. I hope you’ll spread your wings and follow the flock on over with me.

With profound gratitude,


About thesolitarycook

I'm a chef, a cook, a teacher, a reader, a writer, a bike-rider, a dog- and cat-woman
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4 Responses to Migration

  1. Congratulations on your migration to Medium, followed you and so happy to see you, hope you are well!!

  2. Will follow you over to the other side 🙂

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